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Twitch introduces new filtering tools to block adult content

Twitch introduces new filtering tools to block adult content
22 May 2024

Amazon-owned Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, has enhanced its filtering tools to allow users to exclude streams featuring mature themes.

The update aims to prevent users from having to navigate through explicit content just to find non-explicit activities or innocent gaming streams.

This new feature aligns with Twitch's newly introduced Content Classification Guidelines, which require creators to appropriately label their livestreams if they contain elements such as sexual imagery, violence, gambling, excessive profanity, and drug use.

Enhanced user experience with Twitch's content classification
User experience

The new filter settings on Twitch enable users to opt out of specific content labels, providing a more curated viewing experience.

This update allows viewers to hide entire categories when searching for content.

Previously, content labels were merely data points aiding users in making informed viewing decisions.

Now, these classification filters can be found under 'Content Display Preferences' in profile settings and once activated, they apply to all recommendations, search results, and aimlessly browsed streams.

Twitch's new tools aim to protect younger users
User protection

Twitch's system is designed to remember preferred filter adjustments, making it a one-time trip to the settings page.

For users under 18 years old, most of these filter settings are automatically applied by Twitch.

In addition to the new filtering tools, Twitch is also introducing a tool that blurs preview thumbnails for streams labeled as having sexual themes.

This feature is turned on by default and can be toggled on or off via settings.