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If I was a homosexual, I would not be ashamed of it, Says Karthik Kumar

Stand-up comedian and actor Karthik Kumar has taken to his official social media handle to put out a video message to share his thoughts on people of different sexual orientations.

Captioned ‘For all the click baities', Karthik spoke about a scenario in which if he was a homosexual, he wouldn't be ashamed to announce it.

The actor emphasised that no one should feel ashamed of their sexuality.

Suchitra's Ex Husband Karthik Kumar Posts New Video

Karthik Kumar, took to his Instagram posts and shared the video. He said, “If I was a homosexual, I would not be ashamed of being a homosexual. I would be very, very proud to be any kind of sexual on the gigantically glorious spectrum of sexuality that exists out there. I would not be ashamed. I would be proud. I would join in a pride rally in my city, which I anyway will. All kinds of sexualities join the pride rally and show your support. There is no shame anymore. There’s just pride. Be proud.”

Although Karthik didn't explicitly mention that he was responding to Suchitra’s allegations, those who saw his video clip were of the impression that he was responding to some of her allegations through the clip.

The actor, who seemed to sport a smile, sounded cheerful throughout the video.

Karthik made his acting debut with Mani Ratnam's Alaipayuthey
(2000) portraying a brief role as the female lead character's prospective suitor. He was last seen in Rocketry: The Nambi Effect and Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food.

Karthik Kumar is married to Amrutha Srinivasan who has appeared in films such as Por and Pon Ondru Kanden.

About Suchitra's claims

Former RJ Suchitra, who was embroiled in the Suchi leaks controversy, recently spoke to a Tamil YouTube channel, Kumudham. In the interview, she levelled allegations against a number of people including Karthik Kumar and actor Dhanush. The video has been going viral on social media, leaving fans shocked over her claims.