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'My parents are in a throuple and it's ruining my wedding - they screamed at me over it'

A bride-to-be says she's been left in a seriously tricky situation after her parents revealed they'd be bringing their previously unannounced throuple partner along to her wedding. And they haven't exactly taken her firm refusal well.

The bride, who was raised by her grandparents, only saw her 'free-spirited' parents every few months when growing up - and eventually they stopped visiting altogether. When the time came to write her wedding invitations, she initially didn't intend to send them one but eventually relented at the request of her grandfather.

Unfortunately, her dad, 46, whom she hasn't seen in years, sprung a bit of a surprise on her during a recent chat after asking for a plus one on their invitation. Given their general lack of communication and involvement in each others' lives, the 27-year-old simply presumed they'd had another child they'd never introduced her to.

However, it turned out he and her mother, 56, now have a 'third' in their relationship - a thirtysomething man they're now keen to introduce to everyone at her upcoming wedding.

Now, the stressed-out bride has stressed that neither she nor her future husband are particularly religious, and they don't have anything against polygamous relationships per se. However, she would rather not have to deal with this situation at her wedding - especially given the complex family dynamics she's already having to contend with.

Taking to Reddit, the conflicted bride-to-be wrote: "I told him that he and my mother were invited as a courtesy and that they had no parental privileges for me to consider. He said that excluding their partner was mean and that he wouldn't have left me with my grandparents if he knew they were going to raise me to be prejudiced.

"I have spoken with my grandparents about this. Both sets. Nobody knew anything about this. So it seems that they were going to use my wedding to introduce this guy to the families. I called him back and was very firm. I told him that I had spoken with my wedding coordinator and made sure that no uninvited guests came to my wedding.

"Since we are having the reception at a resort hotel in my city they have security. I also spoke with the manager and explained that I might have uninvited guests trying to get into my wedding reception. He said that security would escort anyone like that off the property and call the cops if needed."

Unfortunately, her parents reacted furiously when she explained all this to them, and are now 'complaining to everyone'. The bride continued: "I am dealing with it by telling everyone who calls me to fight for them exactly why I am excluding the person they want to bring. I just talked to my mother and she screamed at me for telling people her private business."

A number of Reddit users sympathised with the unnamed woman's frustrations, with many believing her usually absent parents should count themselves fortunate to be included on her special day. One person commented: "This doesn't sound like it's about a prejudice about polyamory so much as it's about not wanting some random stranger at your wedding. And not owing your parents anything, they're lucky they're getting an invite at all."

Another agreed: "This isn't about you being biased. It's about not wanting your wedding upstaged by the introduction to everybody of a total stranger. If this mattered so much to them, they should have bothered to introduce you to the guy before now. Or mentioned his existence."

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