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Arbaaz Khan's Reaction To Paparazzi Filming Sshura From Behind: 'Back Shot Kya Le Rahe Ho?'

Arbaaz Khan found himself at odds with the paparazzi recently as he strolled through the city streets with his wife, Shura Khan. The actor-filmmaker wasn't pleased with the photographers capturing shots of Shura from behind, expressing his irritation and urging them to desist.

A widely circulated video captures the moment as Arbaaz and Shura exit a venue together. Despite the attention from the paparazzi, Arbaaz appears visibly vexed by their actions.

As they proceed forward, Arbaaz notices the photographers capturing Shura from an angle he finds intrusive. He swiftly intervenes, questioning their motives with a curt, "Ho gaya, bas abhi. Back shot kya le rahe ho?" before briskly departing with his wife.

This incident echoes similar sentiments expressed by other celebrities regarding invasive photography. Janhvi Kapoor , for instance, recently requested photographers to refrain from snapping her from behind while wearing a short skirt. Similarly, during promotions for "Mr & Mrs Mahi," Kapoor emphasized the importance of capturing images from respectful angles.

Joining the chorus of discontent, former Bigg Boss 17 contestant Ayesha Khan criticized paparazzi for resorting to questionable tactics to provoke reactions and generate online views.

Arbaaz and Shura tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on December 24, 2023, attended by notable figures such as Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, and Ridhima Pandit. Despite their notable 25-year age gap, the couple shares a deep affection, having dated for over a year prior to their marriage.