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Video Sparks Safety Debate: Saree-Clad Woman And Man Spotted Trying To Board Moving Train | Watch Now

Indian trains are a daily battleground for passengers contending with overwhelming crowds , transforming journeys into nightmares. Travelers adopt extreme measures to get closer to their destinations, cramming into toilets for space or clinging to the sides of coaches like Spiderman. The scene is chaotic, marked by discomfort and fraying patience.

Amid this constant influx of people, safety is severely compromised. A recent incident has highlighted the dire extremity of the situation, showcasing the profound desperation of travelers.

A widely circulated video captures a man and a woman attempting to board an already overflowing train in motion. The man first pushes the woman onto the train, helping her cling desperately to the stairwell. He then leaps onto the lower steps, hurriedly rearranging luggage to carve out a tiny space. Alarmingly, they perform this risky maneuver from the side opposite the platform, blatantly ignoring safety concerns in their desperate bid to secure a spot on the train.

Watch the video here:

The video’s viral spread prompted numerous concerned comments. One user remarked, “This is so unsafe and will only change when we as Indians start expecting that we deserve comfort, convenience and safety more than getting from A-B. Off course, we also need to make our citizens educated about safety and expecting more from the government.”

Another user added, “Unless and until, we doesn’t make such arrangements that every passengers gets confirmed tickets as per it’s choice of days….. task of reforms remains…”

A third person said, “We need people to buy tickets before boarding the train. I don’t have sympathy for people who travel without tickets. Either subsidise their travel or arrest them to send a message. Let the freeloaders be held accountable.”

A fourth person commented “We need more trains on these particular routes facing this issue. It’s not a daily affair, this usually happens during and after festive/harvesting season when migrant workers/individuals travel back to their homes.”

In a tragic incident earlier in April, a 26-year-old woman lost her life after falling onto the railway tracks from an overcrowded local train in Dombivli, Mumbai. According to Railway Police officials, the woman, identified as Riya Rajgore, boarded a CSMT-bound train at Dombivli station in Thane district around 8 a.m. As the train passed through the Kopar area, she lost her grip on the grab handle and fell onto the tracks, dying instantly from her injuries.