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Stand-up comedian Karthik Kumar reacts to ex-wife Suchitra's 'gay' claims

In a recent interview, renowned playback singer Suchitra , who was formerly married to stand-up comedian and actor Karthik Kumar , made startling allegations against him, suggesting he may be gay . Responding to these claims, Karthik addressed the issue in an Instagram video without mentioning Suchitra by name.

In the video, Karthik asserted that if he were homosexual, he would embrace it proudly, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and support for diverse sexual orientations. Karthik expressed his willingness to participate in pride events to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. He added, ''I would be very very proud to be any kind of sexual in the gigantic and glorious spectrum of sexuality that exists out there. I would not be ashamed. I would be proud. I would join a pride rally in my city, which I anyway will. All kinds of sexualities join the pride rally and show your support. There is no shame anymore. There’s just pride. Be proud.” Karthik Kumar and Suchitra tied the knot in 2005 but parted ways in 2017. Karthik remarried Amrutha Srinivasan in 2021.

Meanwhile, in the explosive interview, Suchitra also alleged that Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajinikanth had been unfaithful to each other during their marriage. Suchitra, known for her contentious relationship with Dhanush, further claimed that the estranged couple even went on dates with other individuals. Additionally, she made disparaging remarks about Aishwarya's parenting, while acknowledging Dhanush's commitment as a devoted father.

She said, “Aishwaryaa is accusing Dhanush of cheating on her but that is what she has also done throughout the marriage. That is double standards, no? Aishwaryaa has cheated on Dhanush, Dhanush has cheated on Aishwaryaa. They’ve been a couple who have been systematically cheating on each other."

“They have had small flings. They have sat at the bar and had drinks with the person they are dating,'' said the singer. When the host said that going on dates is a normal thing, Suchitra questioned, “When you’re in a marriage, will you go on a date?”