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Horrific Accident VIDEO: Out-Of-Control Car Strikes Down 65-Year-Old In Delhi's Geeta Colony, Woman Dies On Spot

A car lost control, struck and killed a woman on the streets of Geeta Colony, Delhi. The incident resulted in the woman's immediate death. A video capturing the tragic event has surfaced.

According to India Today, the elderly woman is 65 year old Janaki Kumari. The incident occurred at around 7.30 am.

Details of incident

The video depicts the moment when an uncontrolled car veers onto the street in Geeta Colony, Delhi, hitting a woman who tragically succumbed to her injuries on the spot.

Following the accident, three individuals, including the driver and passengers, exited the vehicle to inspect the situation. The driver, Mukul Rathore (25), who had recently acquired driving skills, reversed the car, allowing for the extraction of Janaki Kumari from beneath it.

The video

Authorities from the Geeta Colony police station have taken action by registering a case and launching an investigation into the matter. Janaki Kumari was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital, where she was unfortunately pronounced dead.

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India Today reported that the deceased, Janaki Kumari, resided with her family in Jheel Khurenja.