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Moksha In Varanasi: Manikarnika Ghat's Sacred Soul Connect

It's believed in Hinduism that if you die in Varanasi and get cremated at the Manikarnika Mahashamshan, then you will attain Moksha, freedom from the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. And if the topic of death sounds morbid, then Manikarnika Ghat gives a different perspective to this cycle of life and death. Spiritual educator Bhavesh Bhimanathani on his Instagram channel, @bhavesh_yuj, shared a profound video describing the process of the last journey at the Manikarnika Mahashamshan. He said, "The body is carried by the family members as they chant, 'Ram Naam Satya Hai

.' When the body reaches Manikarnika Mahashamshan, sandalwood is applied to the body. The body is covered in a white cloth. After this, the body is dipped in Ganga maa [river Ganga], and then the body is kept on the pyre. At the same time, the eldest son will shave their head." He adds that a sacred fire has been burning at Manikarnika since infinity. "The Dom Raja will get that fire and then the body will be cremated."
For those who don't know, Manikarnika is also known as the burning ghat.

Should you be scared? "The process is beautiful. It's a similar process to what happens during birth, inside the Mother's womb. The same process of going back [death] happens at Manikarnika Ghat. It is said that the Manikarnika Ghat is a portal from this reality into higher states of consciousness. There is nothing to worry about because eventually, death is going to happen - now, later, or anytime. This is evidence that life always goes on."

It's believed that it is at Manikarnika Mahashamshan that Lord Shiva appears and whispers the Tarak Mantra into the ears of the person who has died. It's Lord Shiva who directs the soul to moksha.